Teaching Outside the Peaceful Wild

I come to the Peaceful Wild every morning for my home practice.

It is part of my morning routine.

I get out of bed, scrape my tongue, drink a glass of warm water, feed my bunnies, prepare hot water and chyawanprash, put some music and mantra on, and go to the Peaceful Wild. There I tune into my body and spend about 20 minutes just moving in whatever way feels good that day. I then sit 10 minutes in stillness, practicing pranayama and meditation. It is such a grounding way to greet each day.

Over the last month or so, it has been an absolute joy to be in this space and watch the light slowly return after months of Arctic darkness. It is such a special space to start every day and a beautiful spot to witness the flow of Earth’s rotating change.

I have also been very lucky to be able to share this space with classes of both new beginners and intermediate students. Exploring new things and feeling the heat building from all our bodies moving together is also a wonderful way to be in the Peaceful Wild.

For the last few weeks though, and for the next weeks to come, I have also been teaching a yoga class at KRAFT Sports Centre at UiT the Arctic University. This is a totally different space. Much bigger. Very many more students. All facing an entire wall of mirrors. Teaching yoga and meditation in that space has been an interesting and enjoyable experience. So many different bodies to guide through the movement. So many different lives to be brought down into Savasana. All while facing a full wall of mirrors.

I am loving my time in the Peaceful Wild, but teaching outside my sacred space is also offering exciting new challenges and inspiration for evolution. I really feel that I am broadening my repertoire for teaching classes, and that is fun!

The earnings from these extra classes are being donated to World Bicycle Relief. This is because it has also been so wonderful to be cycling to and from work on my electric bike lately and I wanted to share that joy of a bicycle with others.